Fish in the Dark

Pam and I went to see Fish in the Dark on Broadway today. It was good…typical Larry David. Not much different than Curb Your Enthusiasm or Clear History. It’s basically all the same character. Which is fine for me because I love it.

Prior to the show starting, there were some Nazi ushers directing everybody. They were very forceful about seating, talking, no pictures or filming. (I took this before I heard that part.) But the thing they stressed the most was no reentry until intermission if you left to use the bathroom or something. This was clear at the time I purchased tickets and then a couple subsequent emails too. I guess the actors feel it distracting or something. Sounds like one of Larry’s rules. But knowing him it is something that bothers him when he’s in the audience. Fine for me…it bothers me too.

When Larry first appeared on stage he got a big applause. The first thing I noticed was that his character was dressed like Larry David. I said to Pam, that they spent no money on wardrobe for this show. Larry just goes on stage with whatever he put on that morning.

The other highlight of the play was in the second act. Larry’s character was asked how he liked something. He replied with a Curb style “Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good”.

The audience loved it. I guess we’re all fans.

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