Marlton Mayor’s Cup 5k Run

I ran in the annual Marlton Mayor’s Cup 5k Run today. The highlights:
-24:58…beating my 27:31 in Marlton Lakes Summer 5K by 2:33
-I finished 156 out of 639. That was 116 out of 346 men and 8 out of 35 in my gender/age group.
-Having said all that, my time was actually better than that. It seems that they only chip the finishing time. Everyone gets the same starting time. Which kind of sucks because I started back behind a slow pack.
-There were all kinds of people lining the course cheering us on. Some were ringing cow bells and stuff. That was pretty neat.
-The course had clocks at the 1 mile and 2 mile marks. The first one had a guy standing next to it and I gave him a thumbs up because I was happy to pass it before it struck 8:00. At the second it wasn’t 16:00 yet and I gave myself a few claps. I think I’m going to do that from now on. It’s like a little celebration in the middle of the event.
-They had water set up on the course. I ran right past the first one because I didn’t realize it was a run-and-drink thing. I didn’t want to stop and drink. But when I realized people were just throwing their cups I was disappointed I missed it. I was ready for the second one…but not good at it. I think the water went down the wrong pipe and I had a bit of a coughing fit. I probably lost a couple seconds.
-I set up a play list on my old iPod so that every 2 songs was about 9:00. I figured that would pace me based on my time in the Marlton Lakes Summer 5K. Well, I ran faster than my play list! I have it reset for my next 5k so that every 2 songs is about 8:00.
-A couple days ago I said to Pam that someone should make ear buds that clip to your ears. I have the over ear ones, but even they fall off. When I’m home I just wear a sweatband and cover the tops of my ears (like a muff!) so that they don’t fall off. I did this in the Marlton Lakes Summer 5K as well. I probably looked ridiculous, but it didn’t matter too much there because I didn’t really have people running around me. Anyway, I popped on amazon and found pretty much what I envisioned! So I ordered them, but the arrival date was estimated at next week. Amazingly they came 2 days ago…that never happens! I wore them today and they were great!
-Because I was more prepared for the finish this time, I really sprinted the last 200 or 300 meters. That sprint hurt…took me 10 seconds to catch my breath after I finished, but I’m glad I did it because it got me under 25:00.
-The rest of the race I felt good for. I don’t think I was wheezing, just heavy breathing, but I may take my inhaler before racing again. Between that, the water fail, and the chip start I probably could’ve finished around 24:30…which would’ve put me in 3rd place for my gender/age group. I could’ve medaled again! Next year I’m on the front starting line.


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