OCNJ – Julia’s shirt deal

I took Julia and Madi down to the boardwalk tonight. (Susie and Trini didn’t want to walk that far.) The girls were popping into a lot of the shirt stores. Eventually Julia found the type of shirt she wanted. She asked the guy at the counter how much for a particular iron-on. He said $15.

Julia: “Oh, I only have $10.”
Guy: “Sorry, it’s $15.”
Julia: “How about for that smaller iron-on?”
Me (quietly to Julia): “I can buy it and you can pay me back later.”
Julia shoots me a look.
Guy: “Still $15.”
Julia: “I might have $12.”
Guy (looking around so nobody hears): “OK”

The guy takes the shirt goes to the other side of the counter where the iron-on machine is. Julia takes out her wallet to prepare to pay. She proceeds to pull out a massive wad of bills. I am shocked! Now I know what the look was for…she was negotiating!

Me and Madi run interference by jumping in front of her in case the guy comes back so he won’t see that he’s been scammed. In fact, it takes her so long to peel through all of the $20’s just to find a $10 and two $1’s that I spin her back to the counter as well.

Guy comes back. Julia pays him $12. We leave the store. Madi and I bust out laughing. I’m bringing her next time I go to buy a car.

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