Eagles 2015-08-22

A couple months ago work had been given Phillies tickets that were offered to me. I went with Pops and Dave. The contact who had given the tickets to work was there. He was a real nice guy. He’s reached out to me directly a couple times since then to offer me Phillies tickets again, but it had never worked out.

Last week I got an email from him for an Eagles pre-season game. I don’t like the Eagles, I don’t like football, and I don’t like pre-season. But I checked with the family and they seemed to be interested so I accepted the tickets.

We were in OCNJ all week, so it took some emailing to coordinate. The contact had to go to work anyway, so he would drop them off with Advertising. We would stop in the office on the way to the game on Saturday.

The office would be closed by the time we went to get the tickets so I had to remember my key, check to see if I had the alarm instructions, and notify Operations that I would be disarming CHW at an off time. I had the instructions so I emailed them immediately.

Later, we drove to the office. We were about 22 minutes into the 25 minute drive when I realized I hadn’t gotten the key out of my car. Me (calmly), “ohhhh…dammit…I forgot my key. Damn.” Susie, “How can you be so calm!?!” Freaking out won’t solve the problem. It was similar to the blackout. When something is that much out of my control I just accept the situation for what it is. Hopefully she learns that.

Anyway, we were close enough that I thought it was worth driving by the office in case somebody was still there. Nope. CHW and CHH were all closed up. We drove home, got the key, drove back, I went into my office, and…NO TICKETS! I tried contacting the person from Advertising but couldn’t get a hold of her. Later I found out that since she knew I was on vacation that she didn’t think that the game could be this weekend. She was holding the tickets in her desk for safe keeping.

To make it up to the kids we went out to Champps for some junky appetizers. Julia admitted that she mostly wanted to go to the game for the popcorn. It didn’t seem like any of us were real upset. I think we had a better time at Champps then we would’ve at the game.

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