Susie’s friend Emma slept over tonight. I was heading downstairs about 10:00 so Pam asked me to tell the girls that they needed to get ready for bed. Not to actually go to sleep, just get ready.

They were watching TV with Julia. Susie and Emma were sitting at the breakfast bar and Julia was in the family room. I announced, “It’s 10:00, time to get ready for bed”. It was amazing the 3 different reactions.

Emma – Jumps off the bar stool. Doesn’t say a word to me or Susie. Heads directly upstairs to get ready for bed.

Julia – Either didn’t hear me or pretended not to hear me. No reaction at all.

Susie – Flailing. “It’s only 10:00!” “We’re having a sleepover!” “It’s summer!”

We get a lot of compliments on our kids’ behavior when they are at their friends. So I know there is a degree of saving your worst for home / being on your best behavior when out. But Emma was like a robot…especially compared to Sus and Jul. It really was amazing that she didn’t check with Sus or wait for her before she made her move to go up.

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