Jeff Girgenti…ESPN Baseball Analyst

OK let me admit right from the beginning that “ESPN Baseball Analyst” is a bit of a stretch. And for those of you that need me to cut right to the end of the story, well, basically I was quoted in an article on Here it is:

So how did I get here?

It started Saturday during Game 2 of the NLDS game between the Mets and the Dodgers. In the 7th Inning Chase Utley made a dirty slide into Mets’ shortstop Ruben Tejada and broke his leg.

I’ve always appreciated Utley’s baseball abilities…even when he was with the Phillies. However he also always seemed like a punk to me. I understand that this is the kind of judgment people make of celebrities that we don’t really know. But maybe with Utley we have a better sense based on his World Series speech…

…or his All Star Game introduction…

…and there are probably more, but those are the first two that come to mind.

Anyway, even though some old timers want to call this a good, hardnosed play, I’m comfortable calling his slide dirty. You can’t be that far out of the base path AND start your slide that late. Though I will admit that I believe Utley’s intent was to break up the double play, not to break Tejada’s leg.

The next day the league even warranted that the slide deserved a suspension. Now as dirty as I thought the slide was, I didn’t think the league should pick this spot to start enforcing the rule. This kind of slide has gone on for years. Announce in the offseason that it will no longer be tolerated. Don’t impose a penalty during a playoff series.

Joe Sheehan is a Sports Illustrated writer that I follow on Twitter. He had the same point of view.

I replied to Joe:

Doing it now does bang home the point.

From the quote it seems as if I agree with the suspension even though I’m really just explaining its impact. Upon re-reading it, I didn’t like that so I actually deleted the tweet at some point later. It’s Twitter so nuance gets lost.

Apparently it was up long enough for David Schoenfield to read. He’s a writer at And honestly I had no idea who this was. I had no idea that’s who Joe Sheehan was sub-tweeting at the time I replied. But he liked my quote and wrote about it. That’s how I became an ESPN Baseball Analyst!

So why do I care? …about an 8 word tweet that even I didn’t think was good enough not to delete?

I have no idea. But there’s something neat about it. I can’t quite figure it out. It’s not fame or celebrity…most of that kind of stuff annoys me. I think it’s just the fun of being able to say “Jeff Girgenti…ESPN Baseball Analyst”.


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