Brussels Sprouts

Dave and I grab lunch at Forno’s a couple times a month. They have great pizza. Sometimes Pops joins us. He normally orders from their salad bar – olives, beets, peppers, etc. Once in a while they have roasted Brussels sprouts.

The first time Pops saw this he jumped back. He had a bad experience with Brussels sprouts when he was a kid. He was eating dinner at his Aunt Chubbie’s and refused to eat the Brussels sprouts she prepared. A definite no-no. Apparently it turned into a traumatic incident. He never ate Brussels sprouts again.

This perplexed me when I was a kid. Pops likes EVERYTHING. For there to be even one food that he refused didn’t make sense. I remember convincing Moms to buy them once. I had to try this. Pops walked through the door after a hard day at work and could immediately smell them. His acute sense for them was amazing! They really were his kryptonite. Needless to say, he didn’t eat them. (For the record, I did try 1…it was meh.)

So today at Forno’s, out of nowhere, Pops asks them to put 1 Brussels sprout on his plate. And he ate it. And it wasn’t horrible.

I guess I have mixed feeling about this. It would be like the Cubs winning the World Series. On one hand, yay for the Cubs and their fans who waited 100+ years for this. On the other, it’s kind of sad that a streak this impressive came to an end.

So what’s next? Will Pops drink to the bottom of his coffee!?! Oh, that…that’s a story for a separate post.


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