The Book of Mormon


Pam and I saw The Book of Mormon. It was an awesome day.

We started with brunch at Garces Trading Company. Because we were there for brunch, Pam ordered breakfast food (of course) and I ordered lunch (of course). We don’t venture into Philly for restaurants that often, but this would be well worth the trip.

The show itself was excellent. It totally was South Park or Team America: World Police…but in musical form. In fact there were some prerecorded voices that sounded just like Cartman and Mr. Garrison. (It’s funny to hear the Cartman voice say “This is Jesus”.)

Now because it was Trey Parker and Matt Stone, The Book of Mormon was as ridiculous and crude as you would expect it to be. And though I’m no Broadway expert, I think they really have the chops to pull off a musical. The experts must feel that way too, because the show won a lot of Tony Awards.

I don’t want to give away any of the plot, but in addition to the humor and music, I (of course) enjoyed the fact that the show makes fun of religion a lot. I don’t know if Mormons or other Christians feel this way, but I think Parker and Stone did this very tactfully. They managed to craft the individual characters in encouraging light even while cutting up the religion in a grander approach. It was a good balance.



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