One World Trade Center

My favorite skyscraper has always been the Chrysler Building. The art deco design is really cool. And I appreciate the Empire State Building for how much taller it is, especially considering the era it was constructed. Yes, the old World Trade Centers were tall, but honestly they were kind of bland looking. Basically 2 rectangles with no character. However the new One World Trade Center is striking.

IMG_20160303_115630486Besides just having a sleek, contemporary architecture outside, it is really impressive inside as well. Being brand new allowed the designers to really tech it out.

Start with the elevator. You are surrounded by digital screens. Not only do you know the floor you’re passing, but the elevator ride acts like a time machine. You start out with New York’s first settlement in the 1600’s. What you see on the screens is basically trees. As you ascend, the dial on the years pass. You witness the development of the city all around you with landmarks properly located geographically. It was kind of a shame that the elevators are so quick and smooth because I would’ve liked to concentrate on the displays longer.

Upon exiting the elevator you are put in a long room to watch a couple minute video shown against a wall. It was good, but the unexpected part was that at the end of the video the wall lifts up to reveal a panel of windows giving you your first look from 100 floors up.

From there you go up to the main observation floor. They offered iPads with a system that seamlessly moved with you. So whatever you were looking at, the iPad was as well. You could zoom in or click for more information.

The entire observation floor wrapped 360 degrees. And yes, everything was tiny from up there. The Statue of Liberty is close, but from that height I could easily crush it.



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