Me, Dave and Pops went to Pittsburgh. The main purpose of the trip was because I wanted to see PNC Park. I thought it would be a good, long weekend trip for me and Pam to do. Besides a game, there seemed to be lots of cool restaurants and shops in the city that I thought she might enjoy. She kept declining, so I asked Dave and Pops. It’s funny, from the time I made arrangements with them until now, there have been a number of women who have told me and Pam how much they like Pittsburgh. I don’t think Pam’s regrets not taking me up on the offer, but I think she would’ve enjoyed it.

On the Friday drive out we stopped at the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA. Yes, we had gone to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York earlier this year. This one wasn’t nearly as impressive. Not that I was expecting it to be – clearly New York is going to be able to (and, frankly, need to) do bigger and better. Though the museum here did a good job recreating the day, the memorial lay out was awkward. The path was unnecessarily windy and things were not identified. Because of that I am unsure whether they are even done working on it. It’s worth a side stop on a trip like this, but not worth going out of your way for.

Pittsburgh itself was great. Our hotel was right next to PNC Park. Everything was within walking distance. Friday night we had a great steak dinner at Eddie Merlot’s. On the way back we could see PNC all lit up during the game.IMG_20160415_205648304

We hung out at a cool bar the rest of that night. Saturday we walked all over the city including Mount Washington. We got lunch at Primanti Bros. Then we hung out at a bar to watch the Penguins playoff game. Our Pirates game was right across the street that night.


PNC Park really deserves the hype. But even better than the ballpark itself is the placement. The street it borders is closed to cars during games so everyone is walking around. There are tons of restaurants and bars so you can easily go out before or after the game. (Or, like we did, both.) All of this gives the game experience a lively atmosphere regardless of what actually happens in the ballpark.


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