Bat Mitzvah planning kick off

We went to M’Kor for the first step in making sure everything is on target for the Bat Mitzvah’s in May. The rabbi and the cantor lead the discussion accompanied by packets for everyone. The night started by us reading Numbers 13 & Numbers 14. The take away was supposed to be that Moses was a great leader. As usual with these Bible passages, I got something totally different out of it. So God tells these people that he wants them to go Israel. There are some tribes there already, but don’t worry about that, just kill them. Yay genocide! Some of the advance scouts try to talk Moses out of it.


It’s unclear whether they were scared to fight or, you know, just had a conscience about slaughtering innocent people. Either way, good for them. Except not carrying out God’s plan pissed him off. I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating. As someone reading this for the first time, it didn’t make me feel like God is omnipotent. Instead the character was an insecure, narcissistic ass hole.

Do people only take away from the Bible the good stuff because they feel that’s all they should? Or do they purposely ignore the negative stuff so that it doesn’t shake their faith? It’s curious to me. At least Pam gets it. She compared this passage to Native American Indians. Ooh…maybe Moses could just give away blankets infected with smallpox like Lord Amherst.


The next page in the packet asked us to write down how we can increase our commitment to our family, synagogue, Jewish people, and God. No, I didn’t cause a scene. But the Jewish people one was actually weirder to me than the God one. I don’t know…maybe because I’m not part of any religion it seems strange to so bluntly segregate people like this.

Susie had zero interest in participating in this part. I get the sense that she thinks it’s a load of crap. Julia on the other hand seems to buy into it. She answered the God question by saying she should pray more. That caught me off guard. Pray? Julia seems like such a self starter and independent thinker that she’s the last person I would think needs to pray, even if she does have faith. It’s just one more example how you can’t predict the differences in your kids.

The last section of the packet asked us to list things we hope to see/experience at the Bat Mitzvah and things we don’t. Basically I don’t want anything for myself. This isn’t my day. It isn’t for me. And, honestly, because of that I don’t really care. So what I want is for Pam, Susie and Julie to get everything out of the day that they want. Oh, and I think I’ll buy myself a new suit. So I guess I kind of do want something.


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