This weekend stuff in the fridge started feeling less and less cold to me. Everyone kept telling me I was crazy…until Monday morning. Then – finally – people started saying “I think the fridge is broke”. I need to trust my hyper-sensitivity more because it’s normally right. And especially in a case like this. It’s much easier to deal with a failing appliance on the weekend then it is a weekday morning when we’re all rushing around for work and school. Anyway, we only needed to empty the fridge. The freezer was still working.

Monday night I called Pops to see if he knew anything about fixing a fridge. I didn’t think it was dead dead because the freezer was functioning. He said he’d come over Tuesday and check it out. Moms also jumped on the phone. She recommended I google it. I found this video on YouTube describing my problem and how to fix. Basically it was a problem in the freezer causing the fridge to not work.

Pops got nowhere on Tuesday during the day, so that night I figured I’d give it a shot. The thing was already broken, so it couldn’t get any worse. I started the repair by turning on the TV. One of the PBS channels was showing 2013 MusiCares Person Of The Year Tribute To Bruce Springsteen. OK, so I got a good soundtrack to work to.

Next I recruited Julia. I pulled out the bottom freezer drawer. Julia’s job was to transfer all of the freezer food to the outside freezer (where the fridge food was already moved on Monday). While she did that, I dismantled the freezer. After dismantling we got to the problem – all of the mechanics in the back of the freezer were frozen solid. Julia and I chiseled, and picked, and scraped. Every few minutes I would scoop up the ice and snow and transfer it to the sink. It finally got to a point where I felt like it was clear.

Before re-assembling the whole thing I decided to just put the freezer drawer in place. I wanted to see if the fridge came back before I spent all that time. So one last task for Julia – get a piece of paper and create a sign. “DO NOT OPEN! DRAWER IS LOOSE!” She taped it to the handle. It covered about 75% it. You couldn’t miss it.

By now, the Springsteen tribute was winding down. I had never seen a MusiCares concert before, but apparently the honored person gets to perform at their own tribute! Bruce came out and played “Thunder Road”, “Born to Run”, and “Glory Days”. 3 of my 4 favorites! (And the fourth – “Darlington County” – is way too deep of a cut to be played at something like a tribute concert so I wouldn’t have any expectations for that one anyway.)

The next morning…the fridge is working! Julia was really proud of herself. Moms picks up the girls on Wednesdays. Julia was bragging to her about being a plumber. Moms texted me later that she’s not big enough to have a plumber’s cracker.

That evening Susie was looking for something to eat. She decides to check the freezer…completely ignoring Julia’s sign. The whole drawer comes out. I reset it. Later Susie is looking again…and pulled the drawer out again. She can really be oblivious. So much for an un-missable sign.

Thursday Pops was here and called me to ask if I wanted him to re-assemble the freezer. I was going to do it this weekend, but since he volunteered I let him. I was talking to Moms that afternoon too. I predicted that there would be leftover pieces. When I got home the freezer was back together…with 3 extra screws. Oh well, it works fine without them.