Julia’s hamburger

I grilled 1/2 lb burgers for dinner tonight. They were so big that apparently Julia had some difficultly managing it. Not really the eating part as much as the handling of it. You see this more with little kids who can’t properly keep a burger or hot dog centered in the bun…like this:

I looked over at Julia’s plate near the end of the meal and saw a big lump of meat leftover. The burger must have been slipping out the back while she was eating. I loved her phrasing when I asked her what happened:

“I ran out of bun.”

This reminded me of another Julia-ism…

We have a sunken family room. It’s one 6″ step up into the kitchen. Julia was little – maybe about 4 years old. So she was short and still able to make missteps when walking. Running from the family room to the kitchen she whacked her leg against the step. She sat and started rubbing her shin.

Me: “Are you OK?”

Julia: “Yeah, but I hurt my pants.”