Pops 70

Pops turned 70 today. For his birthday he wanted to go up to NYC with me and Dave. We started the day at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum (more detailed review written at that link).

After that we walked around to where he used to work. We found the building. He case-study-brown-brothers-harrimanhad brought 2 pictures with him from 1970. One was of him standing under the big cubeĀ outside his old building, which he recreated today. (The other was his vantage point of the World Trade Center towers being built.)

From there we went looking for his coffee shop…the one that served him a coffee with a roach in it. As Pops tells the story, a guy he was with says he saw it in there but didn’t say anything because he thought Pops wanted it in there. Apparently Pops guzzled 9 Cokes to clean his mouth. To this day Pops still won’t drink to the bottom of his coffee cup…whether it’s a clear glass cup or whether it’s home brewed by himself…still won’t drink it. 1017px-starbucks_corporation_logo_2011-svgToday that old coffee shop is a Starbucks!

Then we walked through Trinity Church and the cemetery. Alexander Hamilton and Robert Fulton are buried there.

At that point it was time for lunch. We had steak and wine at Morton’s. Obviously not a typical lunch, but it was a special day. After lunch we completed our day at One World Trade Center (more detailed review written at that link).