Touchdown elevator

Wednesday’s I pick up the girls at religious school at 6:00, take them out for a quick dinner, and then take them to Julia’s allergist for shots. We have to be at the doctor by 7:00 or else they lock the door. Today, it was just me and Julia so we went to ZoĆ«’s since Susie doesn’t like it. They were slow in getting our order ready, so we were a bit rushed. We couldn’t finish and brought our food for later. Even so, I wasn’t 100% sure we were going to make it. About halfway there I started calling out times we needed to be through each light so that I would feel comfortable we were going to get there in time. We made each light! The last one turned green just as we were approaching. It’s like everything was happening perfectly. We parked and adrenalin was still pumping so we ran into the building. Plus we still had to deal with the slow elevator. But just like the light that turned green for us, the elevator doors started opening just as we approached. This is amazing! What are the odds that this all works out so perfectly? I threw my arms up – half amazed, half in celebration. But when the door completely opened I saw people in there…and they saw me…with my arms up…like a crazy person…celebrating the arrival of an elevator. Well, at least Julia got a good laugh at my expense.