UNC – 2017 NCAA Basketball Champs

Last night UNC won their 6th national championship.

I’m amazed how little this mattered to me. I didn’t even watch the whole game. I turned it on shortly after tipoff. For the first half I only partially paid attention while I did other things. For the second half I watched less than 5 minutes of the game before deciding to go to bed.

This amazed me because UNC’s 2nd national championship is one of my earliest sports memories. It was 1982 so I was only 7 years old at the time. I don’t know if I remember the actual game or if I only remember the countless replays I’ve seen over the years of Michael Jordan’s go ahead shot and James Worthy’s game clinching steal.

What I definitely remember from that night was how important it was for me to watch that game. As a Second Grader with school the next day I had a bedtime too early to watch the whole game. After being sent up, I snuck back downstairs to the office to watch the rest. I turned the TV on and lowered the volume to a whisper. It was still a flawed plan because the bathroom was right next to the office. Eventually my mom came back that way and I was busted.

I was generally a good kid who rarely caused any problems for my parents, so Moms went easy on me. The fact that I even did this must have showed her how important the game was to me so she let me stay up. I don’t recall if that meant for the whole game or just until halftime.

So today there is this clear contrast in my head. As a 7 year-old, I’m doing everything possible to stay up and watch this game. As a 42 year-old, I can hardly be bothered to pay attention while it is on and don’t care if see the outcome until the next day. It’s strange to be able to see such a clear progression of how my priorities and things I enjoy have changed over the years.


Projects with Pops

Moms emailed me this week. She needed help with bookkeeping for Dave’s new company he is starting. I knew I wouldn’t be able to talk her through it on the phone.

About the same time, Susie decided she wanted to make some kind of rack that she saw on Pinterest. She asked me to get her a piece of wood…a scrap size that Pops probably has in his garage. So I figured it was a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

Sunday morning worked for my parents. Since Pam works on Sundays and we were going to be gone for a while, Julia had to come with us. So, since she had to come, she decided she was going to find some projects to do too – a bank made out of cut aluminum cans, and a “J” made out of broken crayons.

Julia planned her day around food. She purposely asked to be woken up late enough so that she wouldn’t have time to eat breakfast at home. I told her she can’t bother Grammy to make her anything because I would be busy with her. She said all she would need is a bowl. Apparently even cereal taste better out of the house.

We got there and it was even better than she could’ve anticipated. Pops immediately said, “Let’s go!” and took the girls to Dunkin Donuts. He had a Gift Card from work burning a hole in his pocket. They got donuts and coffee!

Moms and I stayed back and worked. They came home and did their projects. I think Pops got a kick out of helping them and just the fact that they wanted to do projects that required his help…not just arts and crafts.

We all wrapped up just around noon. This, of course, led Julia to exclaim, “Let’s stay for lunch!”