Yesterday we went to Dave & Col’s for Labor Day. While there we somehow got on a discussion about bringing the girls to Parx. Pops presumed that the girls would like to watch the horses. He also said that they have lots of activities. I looked it up…he was right: face painting, bouncy house, pony rides, crafts, live music, food trucks. A lot of it sounded too kiddie for our girls, but they wanted to go, so we went.

Me, Susie and Julia met Pop at Dave’s. Madi was down the shore, so only Trini went. The six of us drove over together. As we walked in we were handed Parx water bottles. Free stuff! Everyone loves free stuff!

We started the day with lunch and then Pops wanted the girls to see the paddock.

Next he showed them the program and how to bet. It took a couple races for them to get the right balance…if a longshot finishes in the money it pays more, but it is less likely to pay anything at all as well.
parxAfter each race we went to the Winner Circle. The winning jockey would throw t-shirts into the crowd. Then the Parx mascot would throw some more. Pops snagged one. More free stuff!
IMG_20150907_125221054 The girls eventually did want to do some of the kiddie stuff.
It was a great day. Parx was actually very family friendly. The kids had a great time and want to go back.