Sixers 2015-01-10

I went to the Sixers game tonight. I had bought Pops tickets for xmas. It was me, him and Susie.

Pops has been frustrated with the “tanking” and I genuinely think he really wants to pull back from rooting for the team. Despite that, he is willing to suck it up to go to the game with us. The family moment is more of a positive for him than all of the losing is a negative. I especially think he likes that Susie is into it. She is the only grandchild who likes the Sixers. When we dropped him off after the game he thanked us. I could tell how much the night meant to him.

Susie did something that surprised me with this game. A couple weeks ago she got invited to her friend Megan’s birthday party for the same night. I told her that I could find someone else for her ticket. She said that she’d rather go to the game than to the party! OK. My impression of 11 year old girls and their thoughts about their reputations is that a girl party is way more important than wasting a night with their dad and grandfather. But Susie had a different take. Going to the game with us was special. She sees Megan every day on the bus, in homeroom, around school.

Something else surprised me with this game…the Sixers won! They are terrible (6-29 coming into tonight) so the expectation is always a loss. But they kept it close and snuck out a win. And it was a fun game. Winning makes it fun. A close win is even better. And then throw in Tony Wroten’s alley oop off the glass to KJ McDaniels:

Wroten to Jakarr Sampson:

and Wroten, Sampson and Jerami Grant hitting back-to-back-to-back 3’s. That’s an exciting game!

One more thing. This was Susie’s fourth game and amazingly the Sixers are 4-0. Yes, these terrible Sixers will not lose when she is there. So I am starting this list to keep track.

2012-2013 Season (34-48)
February 1, 2013
Sixers 89, Sacramento 80

March 16, 2013
Sixers 98, Indiana 91

2013-2014 Season (19-63)
November 22, 2013
Sixers 115, Milwaukee 107 OT

2014-2015 Season (7-29 currently)
January 10, 2015
Sixers 93, Indiana 92